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The fiscal year runs from July 1 - June 30.  Prior to 2007, the fiscal year was from March 1 - February 28.


2023 Ratified Budget

Current Year Financial Statements

July: Financial Report

August: Financial Report

September: Financial Report

October: Financial Report

November: Financial Report

December: Financial Report

January: Financial Report

February: Financial Report

March: Financial Report

April: Financial Report

May: Financial Report

June: Financial Report


End of Year Financial Statements


2022: Balance Sheet Posting Journal | Profit & Loss Gen. Ledger

2021: Balance Sheet Posting Journal | Profit & Loss Gen. Ledger

2020: Balance Sheet Posting Journal | Profit & Loss Gen. Ledger

2019: Balance Sheet | Posting Journal | Profit & Loss Gen. Ledger

2018: Balance Sheet Posting Journal | Profit & Loss

2017: Balance Sheet Posting Journal Profit & Loss

2016: Balance Sheet Posting Journal | Profit & Loss

For historical financials please contact RMCM

Reserve Planning

Major Maintenance Chart (MMC)

Reserve Study Presentation

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